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Harmony Winters creates jewelry with a delicate feminine aesthetic, while holding a quiet strength in its design. She draws inspiration from being a surfer and mother, both of which draw her attention to finding joy in pure simplicity. 

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I'm enamored with act of creating something beautiful from raw materials, using only my hands and a hammer. I've always made things but never stuck with just one until I found metal. The challenge of doing it well along craftsmanship and techniques passed down for generations was what got me. With metal I can convey emotions or a moment in time. 

"The sky was like beaten metal. The air was pure and heavy, like cold water" - Cecilia Holland

The moment when the perfect temperature of wind blows off the ocean, or the joyful giggle of my son...that's what drives to to make things.

The jewelry I make is just a simple dash of sparkle to remind you of something you hold dear.

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I design my work to last lifetimes. Each piece is hand made in my studio. All of my raw materials and packaging are sourced locally, recycled and reclaimed whenever possible. I believe the thoughts, energy and intention put into things are carried with it. With that philosophy each piece is thoughtfully handcrafted with the intent that it will last generations and bring great joy and all good things to it's owners. 

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Each piece of jewelry is made from 100% reclaimed 92.5 sterling silver and high karat gold, meaning no new mining has taken place to make your jewelry. Small parts such as earring backs and necklace chain may not be recycled, though they are all sourced from local manufacturers to reduce the enviornmental impact as much as possible.  All of my metal once had another life. For more information on this process check out