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f.a.q. & care


Q: Can my stone be damaged?
A: Yes, even diamonds are not invincible.

Even though a diamond is the hardest known natural substance on earth, it's not invisible and can be damaged. Bummer, I know! After all, if a diamond didn't have any weaknesses then it couldn't be shaped at all. Gemstones can crack or chip if they suffer a sharp blow. 

Q: What if I never want to take my ring off? 
A:  That's dangerous!

I know it's a part of you now, but please take your precious rings off and put them in a safe place when washing dishes or showering, swimming, rock climbing and such. Even gardening may scratch the setting or damage the prongs which keep the stone secure. Bezels are less prone to loosening since there is more metal surrounding the stone and therefore you can be a little less careful. 


Q: I'm always worried that my diamond might fall out of its setting. How often should I have the prongs checked?
A: You should have your prongs checked every 6 months or so if you wear it regularly. 

If you don't have one already now is a good time to find a local jeweler you trust. If you need help, contact me and I can most likely recommend someone. Even if the prongs look ok and the stone isn't wiggling it's a really important to bring it in for a cleaning and a quick check since prongs can weaken or break even with normal wear. This will ensure that prongs are still tight and that any damage is caught before it's too late.  Have your ring resized as needed to prevent loosening or damage due to an improper fit.

Q: How do I clean my diamond/gemstone ring?
A: There are several safe ways to keep your diamond sparkling.

soapy water

Prepare a small bowl of suds using a mild liquid detergent such as dishwashing soap and warm water.

Soak your ring for a few minutes and gently brush it with a soft toothbrush.

Do a final rinse under warm running water and pat it dry with a soft cloth.

Abrasive cleaners and the 'old toothpaste method' should be avoided.

The Ultrasonic

The Ultrasonic machine cleans your ring in minutes. High-frequency waves vibrate creating millions of microscopic cleansing bubbles that loosen dirt that may accumulate in the prongs and cracks of the ring. You can purchase this machine for home use. 


Q: What if I would like to return something?

Customer service and quality craftsmanship are the foundation of my business. I want you to always be in love with your jewelry. 

Within 7 business days in original condition >> full refund or exchange
Within 30 days >> exchange or store credit if in original condition.
Within 90 days >> exchange only if in original condition - 20% refinishing/restocking fee

Lifetime >> exchange minus 40% restocking/refinishing fee

**Custom orders are generally not returnable due to the nature of the process. Depending on the nature of the project a partial refund may be possible. 

Buyer is responsible for shipping costs. 


All of my work is guaranteed for life! 

If there is ever a problem or you simply want a refinishing, cleaning, re-bending etc. I offer this service for free or a very small fee depending if materials are required and the nature of the project. Please contact me for my shipping address and a quote.