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Pure and Simple


harmony winters

Wolfgang Bloch

sim·pli·fy  (smpl-f) To reduce to fundamental parts

This week I'm starting to feel it. Like crossing the last item off my to do list that stretched out for months or years.


This word has been my mantra for that past year or so. Everything I've been doing has been in pursuit of this. To live in today rather than always waiting; for something to happen, to finish this or that, acquire a certain goal, making more money, nice weather.  It's becoming more natural rather than a conscious effort, which is nice since that is simple in itself.

I've begun to eliminate the extraneous elements that somehow, over time, creep into our lives to feel necessary. All of the material wants, rather than the needs. All of the obligatory "I should" rather than "I'm going to'" The people that create negative energy that are kept around out of obligation, guilt etc. The more I practice this the easier it becomes. Like eating sugar, the less you have it the less you crave.

By reducing and simplifying my desires I'm finding I reduce my expenses. This in turn allows more free time to create and enjoy, fully immerse myself in the mundane tasks that make up everyday. Today I moved 1450 pounds of manure with my neighbors instead of working on an order for a pair of purple wildflower earrings, and it didn't stress me out. Progress.