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Pure and Simple


harmony winters

At last I'm finding more and more time to make jewelry every day, energized and humming along until 11 each night.  The more I work the more it's starting to feel like my job again, rather than something I used to do and the easier it is to say i have to work.  I even opted to work rather than surf the other day...weird.

I'm making a bunch of new work, and keeping it simple for now.  I'm enjoying having the freedom to make what I want rather than the pressure of creating a product line for wholesale. That's how i started...I had just learned to make jewelry, and within a year was I doing wholesale shows with 30 + galleries to keep up with. I think my creativity suffered since I had no time for new work.  I was excited to be getting off to such a good start but found I was making work I didn't really like just to fill gaps in my line.

So for now I'm going back to basics...rivets, simple metalwork etc...building up my crimping fingers :) With that creative freedom has come a creative overload.  There are so many things I want to make, techniques I want to learn. Sometimes I can't focus and make one thing, I'll stop and realize I have three things going at once. One piece giving me an idea for another, starting on that then starting's nice...a little spastic at times but I'm feeling the flow :)