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Pure and Simple


harmony winters

The cold has finally settled into the bones of our house, the garlic has stopped sprouting and my son's toy trucks are frozen at awkward angles in the sandbox. It comforts me a little, knowing that I can't do much outside...the quietness opens up more space.
It's time to look inward, refocus and set intentions for the coming year.

This past year saw me bounce between frazzled and elated while juggling the daunting task of re-launching my jewelry business, a three year old, odd jobs and a time draining 'intentional' community. It feels good to sit down with a cup of ginger tea and plan the year ahead while reflecting on the past. Like child's pose (or balasana) while practicing forehead on the mat, breath flowing in and out, focusing on what is truly important. 

So, January has been full of dinosaur stories, sticky glue, hide and seek...simply being present.
In between those precious moments there was a whole lot of organizing and cleaning my studio (sometimes during hide and seek), photographing jewelry, applying for craft shows, and ordering supplies for new work. 

Looking ahead, February will be a time to nourish. Cleansing my mind and body with much needed studio and yoga time, maybe even a little trip up north with the wee one. I need to balance all of that organizing with some creativity and peace :)

here's a peek at what's inspiring me right now...

from left...
clear bubbly glass from the first series of dawn patrol jewelry.
earrings backed in copper are part of the second series.
last, this pale green glass ball comes from the glassblowing studio i'm working out of in pawtucket, ri. they melt a different type of glass called cullet. i'm so very excited to test these out!


this place...

 a surf and yoga retreat in Morocco. I've dreamed of a surf trip to Morocco for over ten years, filled with a rugged coastline serving up endless magical waves, rich culture and exotic food.  i think it's time to start planning.



ocean inspired blueish greenish grey that I painted my living room. a friend gave me about 10 gallons of paint, so in an effort to not waste it or spend money ryder and i spent a week of messy mixing to get the perfect color.
there is an ocean smell this color reminds me of. sometimes when surfing i smell it,  like the wind has been blowing over the ocean, untouched for thousands of miles. ...pure, fresh and sweet. 


    moss aquamarine gemstones on my wish list, but i can't find them fair trade which may pose a dilemma...


i love this delicate, whispy, watery necklace by pippa small, a jeweler who has a strong commitment to creating ethical jewelry